Its Been a While.... / by Alex Walker Walker

Its been a while since i've actually had some time to breath, sit down and have a good look at some content which i could upload to my blog.   But thankfully i've had some time this week to do just that. 

One feature which i can now share,  is a story which I covered for a brilliant new magazine called Positive News.   Positive News has just finished a fantastic new rebrand,  which has brought it right up alongside other high quality magazines of today,   bringing brilliant constructive journalism,  but also great photojournalism and other photography too.     I was privileged to have worked with them on their first issue.     

Positive News started live many years ago as a free newspaper,  however after realising that model was no longer a viable option,  they took to crowdfunding.   After a very successful campaign,  they launched with a great news team,  their ethos is: 

"Positive News is the constructive journalism magazine.
Online and in print, we look at society’s challenges through a lens of progress and possibility.
The longest-established publication for quality reporting that inspires, Positive News is owned and supported by a global community. As a magazine and a movement, we are changing the news for good."

In November, I spent a day with writer Francesca, who has spent the last few months living in a Yurt in the middle of North Wales.  She is a truly remarkable woman,  doing this to overcome her own demons and fears,  but also prove to others that they can overcome their problems too.    Its a fantastic feature (written by her) and is well worth a look in their magazine if you get a change,  her are a few of the images from it.