Shop Floor philosopher

Behind a busy north London road, is a small lane, not even one hundred meters long, with a few industrial lock-ups. These are home to a few local businesses including; a motorbike repair shop, small furniture showroom, and a car mechanic.  Zuki is a 67 year old Turkish Cypriot, who in the 1960’s, when he first arrived in the UK. made his living as a fashion designer.  He decided to change his profession however, after his love of speed and cars lead him to become a mechanic. He has recently re-located and now works alongside his friend Akin after losing his large garage little more than 500 meters away.  Due to the sharp practice of his previous landlord, Zuki not only lost the garage, but also his stock of vehicles, mainly old Mercedes SL’s and Rolls Royce, plus all of his expensive tools. Even through these tough days, Zuki’s love of life and explosive personality are undented which he makes no effort to hide.

Zuki is not your standard London mechanic, his interests vary hugely from his daily job.  Not obvious from his persona, he is a well respected clay pigeon shooter and holds his pilots licence, flying microlites and light aircraft frequently in his native country Cyprus.   In addition, he is a member of a skydiving and paragliding club and constantly seeking other thrills. His wife, frequently asks him when he’s going to grow up, thinking he’s crazy. However whilst admitting he is an old man he says; “Speed and the sky are the limits for me”.

Although the garage itself is a busy workplace, the atmosphere is more reminiscent of a Turkish coffee shop, friends and relatives will drop by to ask for advice, or just for an extended chat, with many staying for a whole morning, helping out with the various jobs if needed.   This does not detract from the work that is being done, but is an accepted part of their working environment making it very social.   There is a very collegiate feeling to the garage, with rough and tumble or just dancing and singing along with the Turkish radio station being the norm.   Within all this, Zuki shows himself as a very astute shop floor philosopher, feeling that “anything and everything is possible in this world”.