Surrey Docks Blacksmith - Positive News "Time Life" / by Alex Walker Walker

I had the pleasure of shooting Positive News "Life Time" feature for their 87th Issue of this great quarterly magazine. 

After previously shooting with the RNLI as well as numerous other features for the magazine, this time we were focusing on Blacksmith Kevin Boys, and his workshop tucked away behind Canary Wharf in the Docklands.   It was brilliant to meet Kevin, who is a extremely talented individual, and at the absolute top of his craft.  His devotion to blacksmithing, as well as sharing his skill and passion in with others, specifically with his apprentice Steve Lock.     Kevin is one of the few remaining traditional blacksmiths in London.   

Shooting this was an absolute pleasure, not only was the workshop very atmospherically lit,  but the sparks and flames, as well as Kevin's enthusiastic personalty add to the character of the feature.  What's important for me with photojournalism, especially when i'm taking this images,  is  to transport the viewer to that scene,  make them hear the sounds and smell the smells, and stimulate other senses as opposed to purely just looking at a photograph. 

Read Kevin's story and see more images of his daily life in this quarters issue of Positive News magazine.