ICELAND / by Alex Walker Walker

The summer was pretty non stop this year, bouncing between assignments both in the UK and abroad, but I finally had some time off in August where I took a trip to Iceland with a long time friend from the US.     We decided very early on in the year that we wanted to cycle around the country, so had planned the 23 day trip for a few months,  looking at weather, routing, contingency plans, as well as conditioning ourselves for cycling for this period of time. 

Iceland has to be one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited.  The landscape is at points overwhelming, with vast black sand beaches,  vertical cliff faces, or vast glacial lagoons, not to mention a waterfall around every turn, its a photographers dream.  

I've not had a chance to post any of my images so far as its been non-stop work since i got back, but here are some of the highlights from the adventure.