Bosnia - Visegrád by Alex Walker Walker

After travelling around Kosovo for a couple of weeks,  the assignment took us to Bosnia.   

Travelling to Bosnia from Kosovo is not as easy as it might first seem.   Due to the current political relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, with Serbia not recognising Kosovo's independence and still regarding it as part of its own territory,   its not possible to enter Serbia from Kosovo without having already been in Serbia for your specific trip. (confusing right!)

This meant that a simple 7 hour journey turned into a 26 hour journey travelling through what seemed like every neighbourhood in Montenegro using two busses and a 5 hour taxi ride before we finally arrived in Sarajevo.   

After finally renting another car and driving to Visegrád.  We were able to start focusing on what we originally came for,  but it was nothing like we expected. 

Most parts of Bosnia still have many scars from the conflict in the region which was to be expected, however unlike Kosovo not much effort being made to hide it.   Bullet, grenade and shell holes are still visible in the many of the buildings but when we arrived in Visegrád what immediately stunned us,  was the overwhelming beauty of the area, which seemed to completely take the attention away from the scarred landscape.   Unlike Kosovo, with its flat open landscape,  Bosnia so far showed us gigantic ravines, bright blue still river water, and towering hills.    It was quite hard to picture the town being the victim of some of the worst war crimes since the holocaust.

More information will be available regarding the story in the near future,  it is currently a work in progress.   However in the meantime,  below are some images from Visegrád.