Ex DutchBat Military Base Potočari (Srebrenica) / by Alex Walker Walker

The site of the Dutchbat (Dutch battalion) military base in Potočari a few miles down the road from Srebrenica.   The base itself was a car battery factory,  so had a vast amount of space, as well as large factory floors for logistics and vehicle stores. 

The base is mostly remembered for the events which took place the days following when "Mladić's soldiers took the town of Srebrenica on 11 July 1995, causing the displacement of many of the city's inhabitants. About 15,000 displaced persons undertook the flight towards Tuzla on foot, but the majority looked for protection from the UN in Potočari.

Mladić met with Lt. Col. Karremans and there it was agreed that the enclaves would be handed over to the VRS. Under the pretext of evacuating the Bosniak population to a sheltered city, most of the women and children were transferred by bus to a zone under Bosnian Serb control. The Serbs assured Karremans that the men would be transferred later. But instead, the Serbs proceeded to massacre Srebrenica's male population of approximately 8,000 Bosniak men of different ages. On the 21 July, with the entire zone already under the control of the VRS, the Dutch battalion left the enclave." 

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